Why Every Law Firm Needs to Embark into the World of Video Marketing

If your law firm wants to successfully compete online, you need a proven way to generate quality leads. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking that having a website online is enough. Competition online for lawyers is fierce. We are witnessing a major shift in the ways that consumers find and interact with businesses online. Visitors want to check out reviews and information on your law practice before they pick up the phone and call. Video marketing gives prospects the information they need to make an informed decision about your legal practice.

Read this article and find out what you can do to grow your law firm with video marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

With all the methods of marketing your business, why should you choose video? Here are three reasons.

Visibility: The biggest benefit is that video build visibility and brand awareness. If you are busy working in your office all day with clients, local clients may not be too familiar with you. Video marketing makes you memorable so that when they need to hire you they remember your name.

Trackability: Want the most bang for your buck? Video marketing allows you to measure and track your ad effectiveness. You can get detailed metrics—like views, completion rates, and leads. This helps you to understand your audience and what they respond to.

Drive Qualified Leads: Cold calling sucks. Video marketing brings hot prospects to you. Interested buyers can take action to hire you for their legal matters.

What Types of Law Firms is Video Marketing Best For?

Video marketing is no longer reserved for large legal practices. Today it is accessible, affordable, and a smart move for every law firm. Everyone – everywhere – has the ability to create or access powerful videos to attract clients. It’s marketing that’s proven for all types of lawyers including personal injury, criminal, family law, divorce, bankruptcy, immigration, business, estate planning and other areas of law.

How Can You Use Video Marketing in Your Business?

There are a variety of ways to incorporate video marketing in your law firm.

Customer Success Stories: There’s nothing more powerful than the words of a satisfied customer to build trust. Invite your raving fans to record a short video of their experience working with you. Include their situation, the actions your law firm took, and the results they achieved in their work with you.

Introduction Video: Hiring a lawyer can be a nerve wrecking experience. Including a short video welcome message on your website home page builds instant rapport. It helps customers feel comfortable by giving them a feel for who you are, your expertise, and what it’s like working with you. It’s also an effective way to prompt visitors to sign up for your mailing list so you can capture their contact information.

Video Ads: Start growing your brand online with video ads for social media. The most effective format for a high-converting video ad is to have a strong hook in the beginning, introduce the challenge and solution, build credibility using testimonials or media endorsements and add clear calls-to-action.

Want Legal Marketing Solutions that Work?

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