What Are Infographics and How to Use Them

You may have seen an infographic and not even realize you were looking at one.  Infographics are handy tools to help you describe a concept to a reader through a combination of pictures and a very small amount of text.

Using Infographics To Market Your Business

One of my favorite ways to use Infographics is as a marketing tool for your business.  They add a certain flair and can spice up a presentation, report or brochure.

Below are 6 examples of how you can use infographics.

  1. Display Success, Growth, or Results
  2. Simplify a Complicated Concept
  3. Show a Comparison
  4. Communicate a Position or Idea
  5. How To or Educate
  6. Timeline

See the infographics below, for examples of what these may look like:


Not only are infographics a great way to support a message that you are trying to deliver, they also offer many other benefits. Check out these 5 benefits:

Pinterest was built on infographics which have turned Pinterest into more of a search engine than a social media platform making Pinterest is the go-to platform for “how-tos.”  A good infographic with lots of usable, valuable info can be a recipe for viral content that is not only pinned and re-pinned but that also gets shared.

Based on the content an infographic provides, it positions the author as an expert in their field.

Brand Awareness
Since infographics offer lots of value, they tend to be saved and shared by those who “consume” this type of content.  

Search Engine Optimization
When content is shared and linked to from other sources, search engines recognize this as valuable content and ranks it higher in their search results.

Now that you know what infographics are and how they can benefit your brand and business, how can you create them?  My favorite tool for creating infographics is Canva.com. They have a ton of templates and layouts for you to use as well as a huge library of images, clipart, symbols, and icons to choose from.

Get creative, start designing, and have fun!

For more information and to sign up for Canva, click HERE

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