The Marketing Rule of 7

What is the Marketing Rule of 7?

The Marketing Rule of 7 dates back to the 1930s.  It was developed as a tool for advertisers to remember that consumers needed to see a company or brand’s message at least 7 times before they would even consider buying a product or service.  Today, some suggest that the number 7 is no longer valid in today’s marketing and advertising world. With the ever-growing popularity of social media and the opportunity for businesses to share content to laser-targeted audiences with the touch of a button at any given moment, the number 7 ends up looking more like a “20”… at the minimum.

Since we need to be speaking to our target audience on a more regular basis, there are some best practices we should follow to ensure we are hitting our “20” in the most productive ways.  Those best practices are:

  • Understanding Your Audience – Get laser focused on who is most likely interested in your products and/or services.  Talking to “everyone” and “anyone” will certainly guarantee your message getting lost in the noise of everyone else’s marketing.  Know your ideal customer by identifying what keeps them up at night and how you uniquely solve their problem for them.
  • Defining Marketing Message – Now that you know who your ideal customer/client is, determine what your message is and how you will communicate it to them.
  • Execute with Consistency – Since, more than ever, we are fighting for airspace on all media platforms, we must take action and be consistent with our brand message to our targeted audience.  Without consistency and execution, our messages are sure to be lost.

Marketing is not a “one and done” practice, execution, and consistency requires an unwavering commitment to the process.

Now that you know what you need to do to communicate to your audience, you need ideas and marketing vehicles to help you hit The Rule of 20.  

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