Does Your Social Media Plan Include These 4 Things?

 Social Media, like any other part of your business, must have a plan in order for it to be successful.  More often than not, I run into business professionals who treat social media as an afterthought.  This is a very dangerous game to play.  If you think about social media and the exposure it can get your business, you will realize the power it has when taken seriously.  Think about it, social media is the face of your business.  The way your brand is portrayed on social is usually one of the first experiences your customers and potential customers have with your business, service or products.  Make sure your social face is looking its best.  Make sure your social presence includes these 4 things!


Identify your target audience and become very familiar with them.  Know where they live on social media and choose to be active on only those social media channels that are relevant to your target audience or ideal customers. 


Without goals in place, you will never know if your social media efforts are working.  Determine what you are looking to accomplish through social and measure it.  Your goals can be things like traffic to your website, phone calls, brand awareness, post shares, etc.  Pick the things that matter most to you and your business.


Take the time to plan out what your social media posts will be about.  Not having a plan in place makes social media more difficult than it has to be. 


There are numerous social media apps and schedulers that make social media easier to manage.  Use those tools to help you stay consistent and to monitor what actions people are taking on your social channels.  It can be overwhelming if social media is not your skill set.  If that’s the case, outsource your social media needs to someone who knows what they are doing.  Ask for references, to see samples of their work, and observe if there is consistency in the posts.

With these 4 things in place, you are on your way to a sound social media presence.

Have a profitable week!