Membership Benefits

People have changed the way they do business
The way you’re networking should change, too!

It wasn’t too long ago . . .

. . . that ALL business was done face to face or on the phone: it was who you know down the street, your territory stretched as far as your EYES could see. Well, the internet changed the way people did business:

  • Communication happened at warp speed
  • Geographical location (and business territories) became less important
  • Lots of new prospects – AND LOADS – of new competition moved in
  • You could learn anything – and meet anybody – in the comfort of hiding behind your computer screen
  • We moved from relationship-based sales to transaction-based sales

And maybe, just maybe, we forgot about the human side of business that’s critical to small business success: the trust, the rapport, and support, the shared learning, the sense of human connectivity and community! Well, that has changed!


Welcome to Keep It Local
The HYBRID Networking Organization for Your Future

Keep It Local was founded on the concepts:

1. There’s greater value in building relationships and referrals than just transactions and databases (One paves the way for your success, the other is a short-term path just to pay the bills)

2. You’re doing business across the area, the state, across the nation, across the world
(Are you putting walls around your success by relying on your immediate sphere of connection)

3. In the long run, business owners and leaders are constant learners, constant problem solvers, and constant connectors. (Are you associating with “get it done-rs” or “just get by-ers”)

What Makes Keep It Local Different…

  • Keep It Local bridges the best of online & off-line ‘worlds’ of networking
  • Access to 14+ weekly meetings: In-person & On-line
  • While each Chapter is “seat specific” (one professional per industry seat), members from other Chapters are welcome(!!) as monthly guests at all Chapters Access to all Keep It Local special events and mixers
  • Structured meeting with outside speakers and member ‘high content’
  • No ‘just winging it’ here, your leaders provide a foundation for quality connections and discussions Safe place to practice 30-second commercials, introduce new pitches, get feedback on sales techniques Pro-active discussions of professional development and shared “best practices”
  • Advantages to “build your brand” through educational speaking gigs
  • Position yourself as a reliable resource and expert to build your REFERRAL (not business cards) network
  • Buonliner on-line impact with Keep It Local’s VIBRANT social portals
  • Opportunities to submit educational blogs, post on events calendar (with links to your own site) Keep It Local Facebook group created to promote your business to other like-minded professionals
  • Exclusive “Fill the GAPS in your Success:” The Goal Accountability Program
  • Weekly access to the ultimate in “mastermind” groups for those individuals looking to take their business – their careers – their lives to the next level

If you are invested in your success – invested in your own future
Keep It Local has a proven path and a proven “tool kit” to guide you own your way.

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Key Benefits:

  • Weekly seat specific structured networking meeting
    • An informed Keep It Local Leadership team who is provided with a weekly agenda providing the following value points for their Chapter:
      • Weekly networking activity
      • Round-table discussion topic
      • 30-second commercial prompt designed to help members learn more about each other
      • Upcoming events
      • Organization announcements
  • Visitor access to all Keep It Local meetings in the greater Tampa Bay Area and the two online chapters with national and international membership
  • Access to the Keep It Local Goal virtual Accountability Program (GAP) beginning Mondays in January
  • Speaking opportunities at Keep It Local meetings
  • Access to Keep It Local’s Facebook group with the ability to post info about your business
  • Ability to submit events on the Keep It Local events calendar
  • Access to Keep It Local events and mixers
  • Opportunity to post open positions to the Keep It Local job board
  • Access to Member Portal including:
    • Access to member files and handbook
    • Ability to update member directory profile
    • Access to member handbook
    • Opportunity to print receipts and manage renewals

Interested in joining a Chapter?  Complete an Interest Application and submit it to the Chapter President of the chapter you are interested in joining.

Need more information? Contact Local Lora at: (813) 405-7815

NOTE: Membership only allows members to represent 1 business per chapter. For example, if a member owns two businesses, they may only hold 1 category seat in a chapter at one time.

A member may elect to purchase another seat category in a different Chapter.

Refund Policy:  Keep It Local, LLC does not offer any refunds of any kind.

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