How will you work differently in 2016?

How will you work differently in 2016?

3 Productive Ways to Work Smarter in 2016!

By now you have probably started planning for 2016, I know I have.  2016 has been on my mind A LOT!  So much so, that I have caught myself writing dates on documents and automatically writing 2016 instead of 2015!

Actually, I am glad that 2016 is at the forefront of my brain.  It helps me with planning, brainstorming and creativity for the upcoming year.  Everything thing I do, think, develop, create and talk about is done with 2016 in mind.

Something we can all start doing now in preparation for 2016 is determining how we will work in the new year.  The new year is a great time to put new practices and policies in place when it comes to your business.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to help kick 2016 off to an organized, productive start!

IDEA #1 – Focus

Focus is huge and it applies to the everyday tasks at hand and THE BIG picture!

When working on tasks and projects, set the stage for focused, uninterrupted work.  For example, consider:

  • Formally scheduling tasks and projects on your calendar to prevent meetings and other events from creeping into your project time
  • Shut off the phone
  • Turn off email notifications
  • Mute texts

When you create the atmosphere for uninterrupted work, you will be amazed at how fast a project or task is completed!

Focus and The BIG Picture:  The next time you are asked to volunteer, be a part of a task force, participate in a community event, ask yourself, “Is this event going to de-rail my overall focus?”  Although the project or event may be fun and for a good cause, it is going to help you and your business reach your goal?  At the end of the day, it is about YOU, YOUR Business and making YOU successful.

Bonus Tip:  

It’s ok to tell people no, especially if it is not in line with your goals and objectives

IDEA #2 – Banish Multi-Tasking:

There is a misconception that multi-tasking is productive.  Actually, it is anything but.  Multi-tasking is a fallacy.  Our brains and body are not equipped to complete multiple tasks in synchronicity.

When you enter into a period of “multi-tasking”, you may think you are doing things twice as fast.  In reality, if you take a look at what you are doing when you “multi-task”, you really aren’t multi-tasking at all.  What you are really doing is working on two projects in micro time blocks and interrupting the flow of the work being completed when you jump back and forth between projects.

This behavior often causes you to take longer to complete the tasks you are trying to accomplish at once.  If you focus on one task at a time, you are more apt to:

  • Finish the task to completion in the shortest time possible
  • Complete the task with minimal or no errors
  • Open your mind up to future ideas relating to the task, consequences, creativity, etc.

IDEA #3 – Don’t be ruled by email

We live in an “on-demand” society.  We have gotten used to getting information instantaneously and when we want it!  Our cell phones have revolutionized the way to send and receive information.  We can talk on the phone, text, video chat and send emails all from one mobile device that is usually within 3 feet of our hands at any given time.  Admittedly, I begin to panic when my phone is out of eyeshot.

It can be hard not to want to continually check email.  Many even use email as a to do list but tat can be dangerous.  Here is why:

  • Most email clients do not have built in prioritization tools
  • Spam – important “to do” emails could be sent to spam and you miss them
  • No control over incoming items – ultimately, you are in control of your to do list.  Using email as your to do list puts you out of control with no prioritization or plan for how tasks get done
  • You should only have 1 to do list.  Chances are, if you are using email as a to do list, you probably also have a hand written list somewhere too for the items that did not come to you via email.  Having more than one to do list could cause a major organizational/plan disaster

Work smarter in 2016, not harder.  The smarter you work, the more productive you will be, creating a more successful you!

To your success!

~ Local Lora