How To Be A Connector

Connectors are those people who just seem to know everyone.  They can easily rattle off the name of someone who can help you with something regardless of the task, industry, or expertise needed.  Being a connector is incredibly valuable. It designates you as the epicenter of your network. If you can be the epicenter of your network the networking process becomes a well-oiled machine where you tend to see more of a constant flow of leads and referrals rather than feast or famine situation or a spotty flow.  So, how do you position yourself to become a connector? You’re in luck! In this post, I am going to share with you how to be a connector.

When it comes to networking, there are several “personas” of networkers.  

They are:

  • The Card Dealer – the person who plays the numbers game.  They pass out as many cards as possible figuring that the more cards they pass out…at least one has got to stick.
  • The Pitcher – you know this person.  They are the one who sells no matter where they are, regardless of the situation and the conversation tends to be all about them.  They have no time to listen to what anyone else has to say.
  • The Wallflower – they go to events and meetings but tend to do so from the sidelines.  They are introverted and intimidated by the pressures of meeting new people.
  • The Box Checker – they know they need to network so they show up and attempt to do the minimum amount of work needed to “check the networking box” off their to-do list for the week
  • The Clique – this is a group of people who frequent networking meetings and events in packs.  They tend to only hang out together and never invite anyone else into their social circle and rarely, if ever, venture outside their circle.
  • The Barfly – they find comfort in the bar but will meet and greet anyone who enters it.
  • The Grazer – these are the people who only show up for the free food and then leave.

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And then, there is “The Connector.”  


Like I said before, this is the person who is at the epicenter of their network.  When they walk into a room, their energy and the room energy looks a little like following which is also the “secret sauce” to becoming a connector.  


A connector:

  1. Tends not to know a stranger, and if they meet a stranger, they become fast friends
  2. Is the one person everyone seems to congregate around
  3. Listens intently to what others are saying
  4. Asks lots of questions to genuinely learn about the other person they are talking to
  5. Always looks for ways they can help the other person
  6. Introduces people to each other – especially those who can be mutually beneficial to each other
  7. Collects more cards than they share with the intent of following up
  8. Follows up with people they have met during an event
  9. Gets involved with the event by helping the event host
  10. Is authentic in all that they do without the expectation of anything in return

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After looking at the various networking personas outlined above, which person would you naturally gravitate to or want to align yourself with?  More than likely, it’s The Connector. Just reading about their persona makes you feel good. Writing about that person makes me excited to meet them, and I don’t even know who they are!


Hopefully, this post gave you some insight into what you can do differently during the next networking event or meeting you attend.




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