Getting ‘ish Done When You’re Just Not “Feelin’ It”

We’ve all been there.  You have a stack of work that needs to get done but your motivation to “get ‘er done” is waning.  You’d rather scroll through social media, play with the dog, cut out of work early to binge watch your favorite Netflix series, or just go play hookey.  When you fall into one of these modes, it seems like hours last for days. In today’s post, I am sharing with you my tried and true strategies for getting ‘ish done when you’re just not feelin’ it!


Let’s Dive In!

Getting Started Is Half The Battle

Sometimes, all you need to do is start.  The initial exertion of starting can be the most painful part of any workload or project you may have.  Gathering the energy to get started can feel like a huge undertaking. Approach starting like a band-aid – rip it off and get started.  Chances are it won’t be as bad as you thought. 

Commit To Just 15 Minutes

After you rip off the band-aid (see above) commit to working on the project or task for just 15 minutes.  More than likely, you will get into a workflow state and be able to make a major dent in the project or even complete it!

Identify Why You Don’t Want to Get Started

This could solve the problem right away if you know why you’re not motivated to do work.  The most common reasons why we stall and lose our excitement or motivation for work are:

  • Boredom – the projects on your plate are boring
  • Overwhelm – there’s so much going on, you don’t know where to start first so you stall
  • Fear – frightened of the time commitment, scared you may not get the results you desire, fear of the outcome, etc.
  • Confusion – not having the right information to get the job done or how to do it

Once you can identify the true root problem, you will know how to deal with it and overcome it.

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If you are someone who responds well to rewards, consider using a reward system for yourself when you start and complete the project or task.  


Now that you have some strategies, which one will you try the next time you get into a funk over your to-do list?

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