Why Video Is More Important Than Ever To Your Social Media Marketing Plan

We are a little more than 3 months into 2018 and have seen some drastic changes when it comes to social media.  Almost every major platform has changed its algorithm which has marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses scrambling to figure out what the new social media marketing system is and how to automate it.  What was […]

Lucky In Business? Nope! It’s A Business Plan!

Sometimes, doesn’t it seem that some people just seem to be extremely lucky with their business? They tend to be on the fast track to closed business deals, higher numbers, more clients, etc. It almost appears effortless. I know their secret! Their secret is not edgy, sexy, or mystifying. It’s the result of the stuff […]

3 Ways Not To Suck At 1 to 1 Meetings

Networking is a highly effective tool for growing and building your business.  But, it is only effective when you use all the tools and features available to you and you know how to use them properly.  One of the most overlooked and avoided features/tools of networking is 1 to 1 meetings.  This is mostly due […]

LOVE Your 30-Second Commercial!

Happy Valentine’s Week!  This week seemed to be the PERFECT time to talk about falling in love with your 30-second commercial.  Sometimes it is easy for me to quickly fall out of love with mine!  Have you been there?  Do you feel like you say the same thing over and over, week after week?  I […]

Got A 2018 Networking Plan?

I LOVE when one year ends and a new year starts.  It gives me the opportunity to start fresh and create new goals.  Networking is the most effective by-word-of-mouth marketing you can participate in.  This is why a Networking plan is the one plan everyone should have in place before 2018 hits. What goes into […]