Are You Busy or Productive?

In today’s business world, we see a lot of attention, kudos, and accolades given to the “busy” professional.  In fact, many “busy” people are given a badge of honor for the intensity of their hustle or for their insatiable need for “the grind.”  My question is, does being insanely busy really mean that you are […]

Master Marketing: The Art of Yin and Yang in your Business

The concept is actually quite genius . . . While most “traditional” business/networking organizations struggle mightily to have a relevant, consistent, engaging social platform to complement their “off-line” business model, Keep It Local started “in reverse!” Keep It Local FIRST began with Lora Shipman starting an online marketing company:  doing the grinding (and googling) research, […]

Are You Falling Victim to The Networking Vending Machine Syndrome?

How you approach networking makes a HUGE difference in the results you achieve.  Keep It Local’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sheila Neisler has a great analogy when people state that networking doesn’t work for them.  She challenges those who say networking doesn’t work by asking them how they approach networking. One of the questions she asks […]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Everywhere we go, we hear that if we are in business, we need a blog.  The real question is, do you know why? In this week’s blog post, I will outline 6 reasons why you need a blog for your business, like…yesterday! REASON #1 A blog is a GREAT way to connect with your customers. […]

3 Ingredients You Need For A Kickass Brand Identity

True confession.  I jumped into my business without putting together a full, blown out, brand strategy.  There. I said it. How many of you have done the same? Or, how many of you are trying to figure out what your brand is or…maybe you are still wondering what the heck a brand really is?!?  Today […]