7 Creative Ways To Market Your Business

I don’t know about you, but, I LOVE a good list.  Especially one that gives me ideas on how to build, grow, and increase my business!  That’s what this blog post is going to do for you! Keep reading because you will find 7 creative ways to market your business…especially when times are slooooow.

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Creative Tip # 1:  Pay It Forward

Have you ever been in a drive through and someone in front of you paid for your coffee?  It’s happened to me! It’s a great feeling but, I always wondered who paid for my coffee.  Imagine if that person who paid for your coffee asked the cashier to pass your business card on to you.  That would make them very memorable, wouldn’t it?


Creative Tip #2:  Learn to LOVE Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to position yourself as an expert, authority and thought leader.  With the internet, blogs, social media, podcasting, and video (both live and pre-recorded), we have a HUGE opportunity to do this really well.

Creative Tip #3:  Infographics

Infographics are easy to consume and digest graphics that explain a concept, process, idea, statistics, or the ability to send a message.  These are fantastic tools to use at networking events, trade shows, meetings, newsletters, blogs, etc.


Creative Tip #4: Repurpose

Look for ways to breathe new life into old pieces of content.  For example, that white paper you wrote, turn it into a podcast.  Your podcast can become a video. Dust off that old blog post and turn it into a series of Twitter posts.  You get the idea…give your content legs. The more distance you get out of old content, the farther your reach.

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Creative Tip #5:  Collab

“Collabs” (aka collaborations) are very popular these days.  Who can you partner up with to get in front of more people? What events and activities can you do together to generate excitement and buzz around your businesses?


Creative Tip #6:  You Need A Talk Show

Facebook Live.  It’s FREE. Think about it.  You have the opportunity to get in front of a camera, share your message and reach uncountable amounts of people on a daily basis if you want to.  You don’t need anything more than your mobile phone and an inexpensive tripod to get the job done. AND…it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Seriously, just 3-7 minutes is all you need.  Can you come up with 5 tips about your product or service that would benefit people? Not a sales pitch, just real value. If you can, that’s 5 days worth of video content you can put out there.  Pssst. Just because no one shows up for your live doesn’t mean its a flop. The replay is where your live gets its legs.

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Creative Tip #7:  Pop-Up!

Who do you know who has a brick and mortar location where you can set up a pop-up shop, table, or booth to meet new people and potential customers.  Hint…many community banks love to host pop-up tables in their lobbies.


What ideas do you have that we didn’t mention here?  Or better yet, did any of the suggested ideas give you a brainstorm?  If so, do tell!

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