6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Everywhere we go, we hear that if we are in business, we need a blog.  The real question is, do you know why? In this week’s blog post, I will outline 6 reasons why you need a blog for your business, like…yesterday!


A blog is a GREAT way to connect with your customers.  Blogging about your product or service gives your customers an in-depth look at what you offer and it gives them the opportunity to ask questions about your offerings.


SEO.  Search Engine Optimization!  Search engines crave keyword-rich, value-driven, website content.  Blogging is all about delivering keyword-rich content teaming with value!  


A blog is a great starting place for social media content.  Social media is geared towards smaller more “snackable” pieces of information.  Imagine how many “tweetables,” Instagram, and Facebook posts you can come up with just from one single blog post.  Ninja tip:  When you repurpose blog posts for social media, don’t forget to direct your audience back to the blog for more detailed information.


Blogging is a FANTASTIC outlet for telling your brand story.  


You have the opportunity to monetize your blog if you chose, adding another stream of income to your business.


Blogging can help you stay focused on your content marketing strategy.

Ready to get started blogging?  

Here are a list of blogging best practices:

  • Your first step should be to make a list of topics to write about
  • Make blog entries value-rich
  • Identify keywords and use them naturally in your blog post – avoid mentioning a keyword just for the sake of using a keyword in your post
  • Be consistent.  If you elect to blog once a week.  Stick to the schedule. Don’t approach blogging haphazardly
  • Write in batches and schedule your posts to hit your blog – this practice saves time…trust me!
  • Have fun!  If you don’t enjoy writing, consider delegating the task to someone on your team or outsourcing the job to a copywriter

Happy blogging!