5 Ways to Build Strong Business Relationships

They say your net worth is built on your network.  What they don’t tell you is how to build relationships so that you have strong business relationships.  In today’s post, I will share with you 5 ways to build strong business relationships.


Let’s Dive In!



Regardless if we are talking about investments, your marketing strategy, or the network of people you are connected to, it’s important for you to diversify.  When you diversify your connections, your network becomes incredibly rich. Consider joining organized networking groups, industry peer groups, leadership groups, online networks (think Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, etc.).  The more exposure you get to various professionals, the better you become. You learn more, you get more exposure, and it’s the best way to meet new people. If you stick to just one type of network, your growth will be stunted.

What You Put In = What You Get Out

Networking and growing relationships aren’t about checking a box and putting the activity in the done column.  I hate to say it but, it takes consistent work! Not only do you need to show up but you also need to participate.  Participation in networking groups looks like all of the following:

  • Regular attendance
  • Participation in group activities
  • Actively referring other members
  • Providing leads
  • Taking on roles within the group
  • Scheduling one to one meetings


When you network with the genuine intention to help others first, you will reap the rewards.

Schedule One to One Time but Also Schedule Fun Time

One to one meetings are the lifeblood of networking.  This is where the magic happens. When you get to know someone on a more personal level, it is easier to refer them out to the right people.  Most people schedule one to ones over coffee or lunch during the business day. Consider planning one to ones that involve fun! Like baseball or (insert favorite sport here)?  Great! Make a networking event out of it! Invite your network to go to a game, an event, bowling, whatever…the point is to do something outside of the business element. Doing so allows you to build “know, like, trust” faster!

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Look For Opportunities To Help

What do the people you are connected to need to succeed?  

  • Do they need specific leads?  
  • Who do you know that the members of your network need to meet?  The more you are able to connect people together, the valuable you will be to the members of your network (another reason why it’s important to have a diversified network).
  • Do members of your network need help solving a specific problem that you have the answer to?
  • In general, how can you help with no strings attached?



Collaborating on projects, events, workshops, etc. is a GREAT way to build a strong network.  When you collaborate with your network, it’s a fast way to build trust and a great way to diversify your network even more.  Think about it, when you collaborate with others, you introduce your individual networks to each other.

When you approach business relationships from a place of generosity, amazing things will happen for you.  Which items in this post will you begin to focus on first?

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