5 Tips For A More Productive Work Day

How is that one work day can be SO MUCH more productive than others?  It frustrates me when I can’t replicate energy flow, crossing things off the to-do list, or stay motivated like I can on other days.  It got me thinking that there must be tips, techniques, and ideas of how you can stay more productive. In this blog post I reveal 5 tips for a more productive workday.


In no particular order, here are some of the best ways to be the most productive…

Plan, Then Work The Plan

This one is pretty big and pretty obvious.  A good day usually starts the night before with a really well thought-out plan.  Take the time to really map out your day, plan out of office meetings in an efficient flow so you aren’t bouncing around all over town, driving back and forth.  Schedule your work in batches and blocks (more on this below).


Once the plan is in place, work the plan the following day.  Tackle all the pieces of the plan in the order they should be accomplished.

Batching & Blocking

This one was a game-changer for me!  Once I started time-blocking and batching my work into “like” categories, I was able to accomplish so much more in shorter amounts of time.  Here’s how it works. Take a look at all the things you accomplish for your business in a week and break those items down into categories. For my business, my categories look something like this:

  • Client work
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Social Media Content Writing
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Course/Workshop Design
  • eBook Development


Once I have my categories I block time on my calendar for each.  For example, I will block 8 hours on a Monday and dedicate it to client content creation, then I will block 3-4 hours on Fridays and do nothing but podcast recordings. The idea is to stop yourself from bouncing from activity to activity and back again.  By batching your activities you are allowing your brain to stay in its genius zone. The longer it is there, the more focused and efficient it becomes, allowing you to be hyper-productive.


Often times when we feel sluggish and unmotivated, it can be a sign that we are dehydrated.  Keep your system going by staying well hydrated throughout the day!



When we have been at our desks working for hours, we tend to slow down.  If you notice that you are slowing down and tasks are becoming more difficult to complete, take that as a sign that you need a “movement” break.  Get up and go for a walk. Get your blood flowing and increase your energy level.

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Goals – Monitoring and Mini-Goals

We all have goals we have set for the month and the year.  It’s important to keep them where you can see them. Stay motivated by creating mini-goals that support or bring you closer to your bigger goals.  Celebrate the wins along the way to your big goals.  For more info on goal setting and achievement, click HERE


Final Thoughts

There are lots of strategies to use to stay productive.  What strategies do you use that we haven’t mentioned here?


Fun fact.  Studies have shown that Tuesdays are the most efficient days of the week.  Use that to your advantage and strategically plan important projects to be completed on Tuesdays instead of using that day for meetings.

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