5 Social Media Best Practices to Start Using TODAY!

Social media can be extremely effective for your business if done correctly.  So, what makes up the perfect post for your business?  Here are 5 tips and best practices for you to follow when tackling social media marketing for your business:

BEST PRACTICE #1:  Create a compelling title – something to catch your reader’s attention and make them dive in deeper

BEST PRACTICE #2:  Always include a strong call to action (CTA) in your post.  Pick one of the following objectives when designing a CTA for your posts:

  • Call or email
  • Click through to a website
  • Engage:  Comment, Like or Share

BEST PRACTICE #3:  Use proper image sizes.  Each social media channel has different image size requirements.  Do your research and learn which image size is the best for the social media platform you are using.  This will help to ensure your images are not oddly cropped, pixelated or misrepresented when you design your post.

BEST PRACTICE #4:  Use metrics to pinpoint whether your posts are performing the way you would like them to.  Each post should be crafted with a measurable goal in mind – see BEST PRACTICE #2

BEST PRACTICE #5:  Stop selling and start helping.  Making sure your posts are value driven with help you in hitting the goals you set for each post you craft.

Happy posting!

Have a profitable week!

~ Local Lora