Are You A “Spooky” Networker?

It’s time to take inventory and determine if you are a “SPOOKY” Networker and ask yourself the tough questions as to why you are not getting:

  • Leads
  • Referrals 
  • One-to-One meetings

Many times people approach networking the wrong way.  Are you making some of these tops mistakes?  Check out what makes my top 5 networking mistakes and what you can do instead.

Instead of…

1.  Having no networking plan, create a winning networking strategy.  Why do you show up to networking meetings and events?  Is it because you were told in order to be successful, you need to join a networking group and attend events.  While that is true, you just cannot show up and expect business to come your way.  You MUST have a plan.  Your plan should answer these 5 questions:

  1. What are you going to accomplish at the networking meeting or event?
  2. Who do you need to meet?
  3. Why do you need to meet them?
  4. How can you help the people you meet?
  5. When can you schedule a follow-up meeting or one-to-one?  

If you cannot answer the What, Who, Why, How and When of networking, you don’t have a plan.  Without a plan, you will get zero results leaving you saying “networking just doesn’t work!”

2.  Being a card dealer, collect business cards.  So many times I have seen people at networking meetings and events dealing out their business cards like a pack of playing cards at a blackjack table in Vegas.  Instead of passing out as many cards as you can, collect as many as you can with the intention of following up with each and every card you gain.

3.  Attending with the wrong attitude, attend with the goal of how you can help others and with the intention being a connector.  If you attend networking meetings and events with an “all about me attitude” you will miss out on some great connections.  The more you can connect and help others, the more you will stay “top of mind”.  When you help others, they will look for ways to return the favor.

4.  Selling, ditch the pitch!  No one likes to be sold.  People tend to shut down and stop listening when someone is trying to sell them.  Instead, learn more about the other person and what they need to help them propel their business. 

5.  Not following up, stay in touch!  Networking is all about building relationships.  After you leave a networking meeting or event, follow up with the people you met there.  Schedule one-to-one meetings and continue to nurture the relationship afterward.  Easy ways to nurture relationships are to:  schedule regular meetings, introduce your contacts to key people who can help, send thank you notes when appropriate, forward helpful articles and information, place phone calls to keep in touch, invite your contacts to upcoming meetings and events to help them meet new people who can help them grow their business.

I hope these 5 tips help you become a better networker! 

Have a profitable week!

~ Local Lora