What are YOU Doing When You Show Up to a NetWORKing meeting?

Earlier this week, I was speaking to one of our Chapter Presidents, Crystal Smith, Chapter President of Chapter 501, Hernando Business Leaders.  She shared with me some ideas she is using in her Chapter to focus on our core value of GROWTH.

One of the key things she is focusing on is reminding her Chapter that the reason they meet each week is to net work.  Crystal stresses that members are there to “Net-work”, not to “Net-lunch” or “Net-breakfast”.  She reminds her members that the focus of the meeting is not the meal, the opportunity to “hang out” or to socialize.  In fact, she tells her members that they are there to WORK on their businesses, to GROW their businesses and to learn a thing or two while we are at it!


Networking is only successful when you WORK at it.  Keep It Local provides MANY resources to help you ramp up not only your networking game but we also give you tools to help your overall business, marketing, and social media efforts.

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Have a profitable week!

~ Local Lora