Remembering Names

Remembering names has to be one of themes difficult things for me.  I am really good at remembering faces, but remembering names is tricky for me.  According to Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, he states; the sweetest thing to a person’s ear is hearing their name.  After learning that from the book, I set out to find some tips or hacks to help me do just that!  Below are some of my favorite tactics and strategies that I have stumbled across. 

  • Plug in and really listen to the person’s name when you first meet them
  • Engage your senses when you meet someone.  Feel the weight of their business card, notice colors and smells when you meet someone.  Those things will help you lock in their name to your memory.
  • Repeat the name of the person you met 3 times throughout your conversation to help imprint the name on your memory – be natural
  • What is the goal in meeting this person.  Attach the goal to the person you are meeting.
  • Use associations.  When you meet someone, try to associate the name with the person
  • Ask for a card so you can read their name.  Reading the name and pairing it with a person’s face can help you commit their name to memory
  • Associate the person’s name with a physical feature
  • When ever possible, write the person’s name down while you are talking or immediately after you meet
  • Make notes on their business card to help you match their name to their face
  • Do your homework.  After an event or function, take the stack of business cards you collected and match them up to social media.  Check out Facebook and LinkedIn to help you improve the name/face connection

Bonus tip:  Help others remember your name by offering a shorter version of your name or a fun nick name/tagline to help them remember you!

I hope they help you just as they have helped me!