Why Your Feature Presentation Is So Critical

Whenever you have the opportunity to present your business to a group of people, it goes without saying that you should JUMP at the chance!  Even if it is a small presentation of 8-10 minutes.  The reasons to jump at the opportunity are plentiful.  In a networking environment, those reasons may look a little different. 

Here are some specific reasons why you should be presenting to your networking group as often as possible:

  • Your 30-second commercial is not enough time nor does it have enough content for people to really understand who you are and what you do
  • The audience gets the chance to really understand who you are as the brand
  • This is the perfect opportunity for you to start to build trust with potential customers
  • You can select portions of your business that you want to highlight, test, promote, etc.
  • Go on a deep dive!  Share some of the features, benefits or areas of your business you just don’t have the time to share in a 30-second commercial
  • You have the opportunity to coach your audience on how to find the perfect referral for you
  • Break down your fear of speaking in front of people and practice your presentation style

There are so many positive reasons why you should be presenting to groups.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity!  Your business will thank you for it!