LOVE Your 30-Second Commercial!

Happy Valentine’s Week!  This week seemed to be the PERFECT time to talk about falling in love with your 30-second commercial.  Sometimes it is easy for me to quickly fall out of love with mine!  Have you been there?  Do you feel like you say the same thing over and over, week after week?  I know I do! 

There is hope for your 30-second commercial!

Here are some things that I noticed really worked for me and made a difference in my 30-second commercial. 

FOCUS:  Focusing on just one product, service, or audience.  I love doing this.  It really helps to ensure my multi-faceted business is well represented throughout the month, quarter and year.  If you try to tell everything you do in just one 30-second commercial, your audience begins to fall into a state of “overwhelm!”  Help your audience stay focused on you by being laser focused yourself. !

WII-FM: Tune into your audience’s favorite radio station WII-FM, or “What’s In It For Me?”  Many times we are too focused on telling people what we want to sell and who your ideal customer is, that we forget about asking ourselves, “Why should my audience care?” Craft your 30-second commercial around your audience.  When crafting your 30-second commercial, think in terms of:  What solution can you provide, what’s so special about what you do, and what problem do you solve? 

CREDIBILITY:  Highlight your happy customers and clients, making it easy for your audience to understand the value of you and your brand.  Mention your; retention rate, large client names, or even share a testimonial.

CTA: Use a call to action in your 30-second commercial letting them know what they should do next.  Be specific.  Maybe you want them to call you for a free consultation, pick up a tip sheet from you, etc.  Avoid saying a lot of “stuff” without a reason.  Be deliberate about what you are saying and why.  Always ask yourself “What do I want the final outcome to be?”

MORE:  Leave your audience wanting more.  End your 30-second commercial with a cliff-hanger question, statement, or statistic that will compel them to talk to you more or engage in a call to action.

Did some of those ideas help?  Work on a 30-second commercial before you head into your networking meetings this week.  Avoid trying to craft a commercial on the spot.  A well thought out commercial will make a BIG difference in your networking efforts!  If you have ideas of your own, please share them!  Send them to

Have a profitable week!

~ Local Lora