My 5 Favorite Ways To Grow A Business!

“How can I grow my business successfully?”

If you’re like me, I ask that question to myself about 50 million times a day.  I am always thinking about what I can do differently, what will make my business grow, how do I need to change my products or services to build my brand, and…well, you get the idea.  As an entrepreneur and business owner, you must ask yourself these questions but, what’s more important is – you must take action!  Asking the question isn’t enough.

During my quest to find how to grow my business, I discovered some strategies, tactics, and ideas I am excited to share with you.  WARNING!  What I am about to share with you requires WORK and it may seem like a lot to take on.  BUT, as with anything that is worthwhile, it will require time, effort, and work.  It won’t happen overnight.  And…once things start happening for your business, the work and effort don’t stop there, you have to maintain the momentum or get ready to grow again.

Here are 5 things you can do to get onto the path of business growth…starting TODAY!


I know this doesn’t sound edgy or trendy but exceptional customer service sets the tone for your brand. The customer experience is so crucial in today’s overly competitive marketplace. This is the one area you and your brand can truly stand out.  Work with your employees to take a look at your overall brand and design what the ultimate customer experience should look like. 


This is huge!  If you can position yourself as a connector in your community, you will be considered a valuable resource.  You will find people reaching out to you for referrals for any number of things.  The more you can refer, the more you will be known.  The more you are known, the more your business is known.  The more your business is known, the more business you will receive.  Go out and connect!  If people don’t know you, they won’t know your business and your business won’t grow. 


While you are connecting with people, keep an eye out for those who would make great complementing partners.  For example, imagine you are a landscape company.  How great would it be if you could partner up marketing efforts with a pool care company?  You both have similar, if not the same customer demographic.  Partnering up with a “like” but non-competing business can help you double your marketing reach.  Look for partner opportunities whenever possible.


It’s no secret that social media is a fantastic way to reach your target market.  But, the landscape has changed tremendously in just the past 3 months.  Find someone who knows social media, who can really help you reach the potential customers who don’t know about you, your products, and services yet.


Creating information to give away to interested audiences is one of the best ways to build trust while showing off what you do best.  Powerful content marketing strategies include things like blogging, free downloads, podcasting, and informative webinars.  Content creation also works to position you as an authority in your field.  When creating content, make sure it is easily shared.  The best thing that can happen when you create content is have someone consuming your content turn into a brand ambassador and share the content with people they care about.  That’s FREE advertising for you!  TIP:  Make sure your content is well branded with accurate contact information.


Be innovative.  Create new services and products all the time.  “Innovative” and “New” attracts new!  People love and crave things that are new and different.  Give them what they want and introduce new things to your business on a regular basis.

Have a profitable week!

~Local Lora